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Discover How MPAT Grows Your Income & Long-Term Wealth At The Same Time. Be The Change You Want To See.

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The Mission Of This Program Is To Not Only Transform Your Trading But Also Your Life. To Accomplish
This Mission, You Will Commit To Invest A Substantial Amount Of Your Time, Money And Efforts. Where
You Will Be Learning Advanced Strategies For Different Instruments In Stock Market From Full Time
Trader Ms. Asmita Patel.


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The ultimate trading approach to be a Full Time Trader. Asmita Patel has developed her core proprietary trading strategies from her 17+ years of experience which is purely based on numbers & simple Math. Her trend following style of trading will allow you to capture complete move of the market in single trade.

Asmita Patel’s trend following system is 100% objective, gives you defines entry and exit point in the market. This is the only system you must follow to trade in a mechanical way without letting your emotions get involved.

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MPAT Makes You Better Everyday In Every Way

The objective of MPAT program is to not only transform your trading but also your life. To accomplish your goal, you will commit to invest a substantial amount of your time, money and effort over the next few months. You will learn strategic, focused steps that will serve you throughout your entire trading career. These concepts fit into one seamless design for more desirable trading results.
Asmita Patel’s Price Action Trading strategy will help you to trade without using any complicated indicators, Patterns, Trendline and Graph. This system will take only 15min a day to trade irrespective of what instrument are you trading.

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How MPAT Works?

How MPAT Works ?

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trade in 15 mins- black.png
What Will You Learn
Quantitative Systems Development
The tools you need to take your quantitative research from idea generation to signal-testing and performance analysis
Mechanical Price Action Trading System
A mechanical trading system is often touted as the end solution to trading. Traders choose a system to follow and enter it into a program that will then pick starting and stopping points for traders as well as maintain a position, without requiring a trader to be present to control those actions.
Adaptive Price Action Trading System
Adaptive Price Active Trading System have rule parameters that adjust to market conditions and price conditions rather than remaining constant.
Portfolio Management
Learn How to develop repeatable process for making decisions about important issues such as investment mix and asset allocation, or balancing risk against performance.
Applied Behavioural Finance
Understanding the nature of markets is dependent on your understand of the nature of irrational markets participants.
Risk Management

Identify changes in trends, intermarket relations, sentiment, or market conditions that allows you to outperform on a risk adjusted basis, This course is a complete structured program that will launch you to Master The Techniques & Philosophy behind successful trading in a world of trading.


I am a CA by profession but I wanted to set my own business. Asmita ma’am was the first result in my google search for the best mentor. She told me that you don’t even know the S of the stock market and hence, you’re going to be the best trader. This has been an unbelievable journey. Her energy and motivation is what made me confident and that is why we come in the 1% of successful traders.

“I started with 30 lacs and now I’m trading with 12 crores in a span of 3 years”

MPAT Student

I was a Vice President at JP Morgan and I wanted a system that generates money for me. I joined MPAT with a core vision to become financially free. Now I am a mother to a three month old kid and a Full Time Trader. I had done many courses earlier from different mentors but Asmita ma’am is the best of all. She is a trader first and that makes her the best teacher. She not only teaches about the stock market but has also imbibed a positive attitude in me. Anyone who wants to make it big in trading must join MPAT. It is the end solution to all your needs.

MPAT Student

I always wanted to invest because I knew I couldn’t make enough money from my salary. First I thought about real estate but then took my chance at the stock market. I started attending seminars looking for a mentor. I got to know about Asmita ma’am through one such free seminar. In her free seminar she shared ways of making money from the stock market and I made profit. I was highly impressed and joined MPAT. I started trading with 5 lacs and currently my capital is 1 crore and all this happened in just 1 year. MPAT is the most beautiful course in Asia and Asmita ma’am is the ideal mentor.

MPAT Student

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